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Swallow Control

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  Swallows return to their nesting site at the same time every year, it is essential that you do not allow swallows to nest on your buildings, or they WILL come back every year. Risks of having swallows nest on your property include: Swallow bug infestations, and droppings staining your siding and concrete. 

Why Remove Swallows?

 Swallows are known for nesting in large groups on the sides of brick, stucco, and wood buildings. Populations can triple from the original size within a year! The nests are made from mud and therefore can damage and stain the surfaces they were built on. Feces and urine stains will cover the buildings and ground beneath the nest sites. 

Why Us

  Because swallows are protected by laws, we follow strict guidelines that govern swallow /swallow nest removal. We remove swallows and swallow nests and use techniques to prevent them from returning to your property in years to come. 

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