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Other Animals We Control

Vole Control


 Voles, vole holes, vole tunnels and vole burrows destroy yards, gardens, flowerbeds and crops. Voles are active all year long, even tunneling under the snow. That means they’re breeding all year long, and you can end up with a serious vole problem. We get rid of voles, we trap voles, we exterminate voles and we remove voles for you. 

Snake Control


  Snake problems can range from a solitary non-poisonous snake in the house, to a large snake nest in your foundation or basement, to a poisonous snake threatening you or your family. We trap, get rid of, and safely remove snakes out of your property. 

Gopher Control


 Are you struggling with a gopher problem? Are gophers leaving gopher holes, gopher tunnels or gopher mounds all over your landscaping? We get rid of gophers for you, we trap gophers, we remove gophers and we exterminate gophers so you can go back to enjoying your property.  

Rat and Mouse Control


 Rat damage can be expensive to repair, and rats spread all kinds of diseases and contaminate food and property. Call us as soon as you think you have rats in the house, rats in the yard, rats in the attic or rats in the wall. We get rid of, exterminate, trap, and remove rats for you. We can repair rat damage and safely and properly clean rat droppings.    

Rock chuck/ Marmot Control


 Also known as yellow-bellied marmots, rock chucks are a digging rodent (like a large gopher) and can cause major damage to foundations and patios; the enormous tunnels they dig underneath the ground by pulling out rocks and dirt can undermine structures like porches, walls, driveways and even homes.  Our company is capable of trapping and exterminating rock chucks and blocking off their holes so that no other animals can use them to get under your house, patio, or drive way and cause more trouble before you have the chance to make permanent repairs.