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Pigeon Control


Pigeon Problems

 Although it can be fun to see pigeons in Times Square, or feed them bread crumbs from a park bench, no one likes cleaning pigeon droppings off their cars, clothes, or home windows. And it’s especially no fun to deal with the water damage that is caused when pigeons build nests that dam up water spouts and gutters. 


Why Get Rid of Pigeons?

 Pigeons are also known as “flying rats” for good reason. They travel in flocks, carry harmful diseases and have adapted to urban living. Once they find a place that is comfortable for them to live, they will take a permanent residence and will be hard to remove, and because they are fairly social, they’ll invite all their friends. 


Why Us?

 After countless removals of pigeons from a large variety of locations, we have come up with the best techniques for capturing pigeons and preventing them from returning to your property. We also provide cleaning and decontamination services to restore the safety of your environment. We use special respirators and hazmat equipment in order to properly clean the feces, feathers, and dead pigeons so that we can prevent the inhalation of airborne diseases. We also offer insect control services to stop the spread of ticks and mites that accompany pest birds. 

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