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Skunk Control


Skunks Don't ONLY Stink, They Cause Damage

 Although they are mostly known for their awfully smelly spray, skunks can do so much more damage than just stinking up your house. Other damage can include holes, attacks on pets, creation of dens under decks, and other property damage that can add up to thousands of dollars to repair.


Please Don't Try This At Home

   When homeowners try to independently trap skunks, they make the mistake of using traps that are not suitable for skunks causing the spray to get all over the place. As a professional trapper, we have the right traps to prevent this from happening and other tools and resources to correctly trap skunks. 


Let Us Professionals Help You Efficiently

 Along with trapping and removing skunks, we also can help deodorize your property to help return it to the pre-skunk beauty.